About Us

We're a team of developers, designers and online marketeers who deliver their 100% on making your brand to the top of competition. We do Brand and Product centric exceptional Email Campaigns, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing, SEO Services, Web Development and Software Development in United Arab Emirates (UAE), Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom and Sri Lanka.

Guidelines That We Follow

  • Think out of the box. We are constantly challenging ourselves to think differently.
  • Customer is NOT always right. This is not conventional sales or branding. So there is a high possibility of getting it wrong. But we make sure that you get it right the first time.
  • Its all about response. Be it positive or negative. As a matter of fact constructive criticism is the best.
  • Improvise. Every second we are thinking about ways to how to make our core strengths into customer advantages. Our underlying software is updated daily and every feedback is taken seriously.
  • Flexible marketing. Customizable. Exactly to your budget.
  • Unconventional. We are unconventional. We don't always stick to target based marketing scheme. Yet we believe in our ability to choose the correct tool to match with correct campaign. We'd never let you go hunting for a hare with a bazooka.

We Care About The Brands We Build

The Name says it all! We are about getting your brand get response from prospective customers. We build brands, nourish them and provide them with valuable insights to thrive within a very competitive industry.

To Be Passionate Is The Key

We are passionate about everything we do and we make sure our customers get a share of it. Each and every campaign with us is a truly unique experience that every customer enjoys with passion. All because we give you 100%.

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Commitment to personal privacy

Marketing people ideally like to understand who is doing what on the Web, but there is a fine balance acknowledged by many in the advertising industry between giving people targeted information and the direct invasion of their personal privacy.

We may collect personal information from our site, it is our policy to never offer any of this information to outside companies, unless we receive prior consent from our site visitors. Personal information will be handled in a responsible manner. reserves the right to disclose such information where required by law or by a government agency, or in an emergency situation or for security reasons.

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Refund Policy

Refund will not be provided for Email Marketing and Database Services.

However, we will refund 50% of your payments if you are unsatisfied with the following services:

Graphic Design
Software Development
Website Development
SEO Services

Refund may take upto 120 days.